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RanbooLive is an American Twitch star born on November 2, 2003, in the U.S. Ranboo’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. He once resided in the San Francisco Bay Area. He finished high school in June 2021. Ranboo has been living in Brighton in the U.K. since March 2022.

Ranboo expanded his social media reach to TikTok and began posting content on the app. Presently, he has amassed more followers on TikTok. The YouTuber received his one million YouTube subscribers plaque in 2021, having achieved the milestone in February. Ranboo gained popularity when he declared his plan to run for president of L’Manberg (a Dream S.M.P. nation) although he wasn’t part of the server at that time.

Ranboo Merch

Ranboo’s net worth is calculated to be around $5 million as of 2022. The Minecraft streamer and YouTuber racks in a lot of money through his streams primarily but information regarding his sponsorship deals is lacking.

The American content creator recently collaborated with Youtooz in order to release his own line of plushies and held a giveaway for them as well. Ranboo has also had LED billboards featuring his Minecraft character displayed in city areas. He has two Twitch accounts from which he goes live on, and 2 YouTube channels as well.

Ranboo earns a significant amount of money from just his main Twitch channel, “RanbooLive.” While he hit over 100k subscribers in his first month, his average is estimated to be around 65k to 70k subscribers. He earns $1.94 million to $2.1 million a year, just from Tier-1 subscribers. This is excluding any donations he would’ve received from his viewers but he makes an amount from his other Twitch channel, “ranboobutnot.” His YouTube channel makes around $104.4k to $123.6k a year.

Ranboo earns a bulk of his money from his Twitch channel, which when combined with his YouTube channel’s earnings, puts his earnings somewhere around $2 million to $2.3 million. This number does not include sponsorship dealings, donations, and money from selling merchandise.

How did it all start?

Ranboo’s early success on YouTube with videos like “Skywars is a nightmare” encouraged him to branch out to other platforms like Tiktok, Twitter, and Twitch.tv. This multi-platform approach eventually drew the attention of several notable Minecraft personalities, including Fundy and Ph1LzA.

This attention only fueled his growth, and within two weeks, he was at the top of Twitch.tv’s Minecraft category, with a thriving community to show for it. Using multiple platforms, he was able to trick people into giving him the attention he desired.

Ranboo has moved on to the world of fashion after mastering the worlds of streaming, cooking, and chair-building. Has the multi-talented man mastered yet another? That is entirely up to you.

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